Friday, 27 February 2015

A good idea...

"This is the window from which, on a clear day, you can see normality."

I am suffering from a bout of writer's block. Years ago I promised myself that I would write the definitive book on Tolkien with a thesis. I have the perfect idea in mind; nobody has ever written about it before, possibly because it has never occurred to them. But I'm just stuck. I'd promised myself that I would go to Heythrop to-day to undertake some research but, as you can imagine, I'm still at home. That's all I ever do these days. I just stay at home and resist any attempt to try and wrest me from the sanctuary of home. I don't like travelling and I have come to strongly dislike being outside. I don't like to exert myself anymore either. Reading a new book now requires an effort of will sometimes beyond my capability.

I am staying exactly where I am and I expect that the world will eventually form itself around me. My mother habitually says, "if you carry on like this life will pass you by." Well, good! I never asked for it, did I!

I won't divulge the Tolkien thesis in case somebody steals it...just in case I get some energy and will to life back and endeavour to make a start on it.

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