Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Prayers and blessings...

Send me money and gifts and I'll pray for you.

H/T: Fr Zed!


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    1. You know who Homer Simpson is, right? If so, do you remember when he became supreme leader of the Stone Cutter sect? He had his portrait painted when he was sat in his underwear and a vest with a Duff beer can sitting on his pot belly.

      "When you shop through Amazon, please, come here first? Enter Amazon through my search box. I'll then get a small percentage of everything you buy."

      "You keep this blog, and me, going. I pray for benefactors."

      "Fr. Z’s stuff is everywhere"

      "I am grateful for recent donations and thoughtful gifts, from:" [followed by a list of names].

      "To set up a recurring, monthly donation (even a small one) go to the bottom of this blog and look for the drop down menu! Some donations also come through Chase/Manhattan (if you don't like PayPal).

      "I remember benefactors in my prayers and periodically say Mass for your intention."

      "I invite you to subscribe to a monthly donation.

      "Will you help? Go to the bottom of the page."

      "Do you use my blog often? Is it helpful to you?

      "If so, please consider subscribing to send a monthly donation. That way I have steady income I can plan on, and you wind up regularly on my list of benefactors for whom I pray and for whom I periodically say Holy Mass."

      All quotes from his blog.

      The only thing I am saying is that if he were relying on me for "donations," he'd starve to death.

  2. No I do not know who Homer is but I did get the point now... it is a bit weird.
    Is he a normal priest? (I tried to look at his website but there was no About Me page...)

    1. No, he is not a "normal"priest. He has no congregation, no cure of souls; just his website. He is a clericalist celebrity priest incardinated into an Italian diocese but lives in the United States of America under the protection of whatever hole in the RC canonical system he has discovered and lives off the donations and gifts sent to him by his gullible readers.

  3. "Who controls the British Crown, who keeps the metric system down? We do! We do!" -- The Chosen One

  4. The highest level of monthly donation, $500 or whatever, used to earn you the title of Collaborator, but I think that's been changed now.

    I suppose, like with beggars on the street, it depends on whether he's earning £2,000 or £200,000 a year through his begging. At least he's not selling pardons!

    As for the USB cufflinks (next post of your's I think) that's almost as silly as a USB pen, since the last thing you want is to lose all your data.

    1. Walking to Charing Cross railway station from the Royal Opera House one evening I sighted two tramps at either end of the Strand, each with identical sob stories written on a piece of cardboard; so clearly spurious poverty. How is Zuhlsdorf any different?

      I wasn't going to comment on the USB cufflinks - I thought I'd leave their very mention to the disgust of the reader. Other items in his wishlist are moderately priced, some at the $800 mark. To "want" anything in the first place is surely morally questionable? What ever happened to "take no thought for the morrow?"