Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Guild of St Stephen at Westminster...

I think they look rather dignified even if the surplices could be longer. In those days of liturgical orthopraxis there was also an appointed Mace Bearer at the Cathedral to lead liturgical processions. Notice the buckled shoes.

I think it suffices to just shake your head in disgust. Is that a girl or a boy, the second from the front, picking his or her nose? Polyester cassock-albs, all the lace. Absolutely no dignity whatever and God alone knows to what kind of service they are processing. A Mass celebrated in saccharine English facing the wrong way with lay readers. What rubbish.

A plague upon Cardinal Heenan! The man, totally unsuited to be Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, who single-handedly brought down a tradition of liturgical excellence at Westminster Cathedral established by his worthy predecessors. And yet the Latin Mass Society, "dedicated to the promotion of the traditional Latin liturgy," lays a wreath at his tomb every year in thanksgiving for the "Heenan Indult!"

Go to Westminster Cathedral to-day and be ashamed to be Roman Catholic!


  1. I was at Westminster Cathedral last Sunday and I thought the service I attended was very beautiful and dignified.

    1. I suppose we have different expectations of cathedral liturgy then. What passes for liturgy there to-day is in stark contrast to the standard of sixty years ago.

    2. No doubt it does, Patricius, and I hope it improves. But either you seeth with anger and bitterness or you get on with worshipping the Lord. I choose to do the latter and await the perfect liturgy in heaven whilst doing what I can to move things toward that ideal on Earth. Rather than curse the memory of the dead, praying for their souls and for those of the living is a far more profitable activity for one's own soul.