Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A new blog...

I have started a new blog dedicated solely to my Tolkien studies. It's called aptly Legendarium, which is explained in the inaugural post. Unfortunately the URL "legendarium" was already taken; to add insult to injury by a defunct blog, but never mind. I have also set up a Twitter account @TolkienLegenda for people who are interested in following me. It won't be used to publicize posts here, I assure you. There will be no polemic or controversy on my new blog, just Tolkien.

As for this place, well it's burnt out. I've said this countless times before but I really have nothing more to say about liturgy. I had thought about changing the title of this blog and continuing here but after five years I need a clean break. I may still post here occasionally but don't hold your breath. It's about time I started doing something I know I can do rather than trying to maintain this resentful place with its dwindling readership.

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