Thursday, 6 August 2015

Just deserts...

The resemblance is striking...

"Fellay for cardinal, Burke for Pope, Lefebvre for saint." See here.

I would have said: "Fellay for the insane asylum, Burke for lobotomy and a stagnant pond, and Lefebvre dug up, hung in chains in some public place and then beheaded and his body thrown into a common pit;" not that I expect there's much left of his remains by now. Pius XII was so evil that he began to rot before he was fully dead! Nay, let Lefebvre share in the fate of Oliver Cromwell, curse his name; let the justice of the Restoration court be measured out for one equally deserving of eternal ignominy, faithless and accursed!


  1. Burke for Pope, if only to see him celebrate the inevitable stadium mass...

  2. Any traddie who think there will ever be a chance of any of those 3 things coming to pass must be taking some very potent drugs. On another note I remember after SP was issued Fellay said something to the effect that in 50 years the NO Mass will be toast. Hahaha.


    1. Well Joseph, I don't remember that but I don't keep up with what goes on in Econe. Maybe the mujahideen will send some bombers thither one of these days?

  3. Burke always reminds me of Cardinal Consalvi, except Consalivi looked far less like the Frog Prince.

  4. From Vladimir Solovyev's Russia and the Universal Church:

    "We may well forgive St. Cassian for his dislike of manual labor and the mud of the highroad. But he would be quite wrong to condemn his companion for having a different idea of the duties of saints towards mankind. We may like St. Cassian’s clean and spotless clothes, but since our wagon is still deep in the mud, St. Nicolas is the one we really need, the stout-hearted saint who is always ready to get to work and help us."

    Having had several personal, beneficial encounters with Cardinal Burke, and also having enjoyed reading your blog-prose, especially your thoughts on Tolkien's work, I would liken Cardinal Burke as St. Nicholas to your St. Cassian.