Thursday, 18 June 2015

Nymphs and Shepherds...

Nymphs and Shepherds come away, 
In the Groves let's sport and play,
For this Flora's Holyday.
Sacred to ease and happy Love, 
to Musick, to Dancing and to Poetry:
Your Flocks may now securely rove,
whilst you express your Jollity.

Nymphs and Shepherds pipe and play,
Tune a song, a festal lay;
For this is Flora's holyday,
Sacred to ease and happy Love,
To Musick, to Dancing and to Poetry.
Then trip we round with merry sound,
And pass the day in Jollity.

I recommend the whole CD, actually. Nymphs and Shepherds is a lovely, lively little nonsense song for Spring and Summer by Purcell but there are other songs on the CD equally touching and resonant; Morning Has Broken, Cockles & Muscles, &c. Listen carefully to In Every Furtile Valley. I think the choir director was sacked because of the inclusion of one verse when this CD was recorded in the '90's.

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