Sunday, 7 June 2015


I put the Danny La Rue post up after having over-imbibed. Right now I am drinking some good gin my father bought me after I did a few jobs for him; competently as they were within my somewhat limited capability.

Someone said to me once that the fact that I grow tired of liturgy, churchianity and the gimcrack of conventional church polemic is a sign that I am an human being, that I have soul. George Orwell said that was the highest compliment to pay any man. I saw a tramp to-day at Crayford and thought of the nights Mr Orwell spent in the kips.

The "follow me on Google+" incentive dropped like a lead balloon. I knew it would.

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  1. It's hardly your fault. I don't think that many people use Google+. Perhaps you should set up a Facebook page.