Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The television drama...

This is The Naked Civil Servant (1975), uploaded for someone I met recently who said he'd never seen it. As ever, the axiom the book is always better applies, but the film (it's not really a film) has good qualities and highlights the fantastical side of homosexuality. The film is presented on YouTube in eight parts and this is only part one.

Tangential to the point of fantasy, I should say that Elton John, that nasty fat little pervert, assumed the name "Hercules" (not Heracles?!) to himself. To dispel any myths you might have about the sisterhood of queens, I can say with total confidence that if he died in some horrific accident I would praise God...Oh, come now! If you were honest, you'd say the same! Unlike Reginald Dwight, Mr Crisp was a gentleman to the end whose convictions remained constant. He'd certainly never have sued a newspaper for libel for calling him queer and he stared the hydra of public contempt in the face with patience and humility. If more homosexuals were like Quentin Crisp, celibate and eccentric, we'd all be better off.

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