Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Halal Meat...

UPDATE: I should very much like to know what the mainstream churches have to say about this. I can't imagine they really give a crap, to be honest.

You might say I am a fussy eater. You might say I am conscientious. You might think it hypocritical for a person (I have always found it difficult to say "man") like me to feel so strongly about this seemingly ephemeral issue when I profess carelessness about so much else.

Let Muslims eat halal meat if they want. It has nothing to do with me. Just don't bring it into my house and expect me to eat it.

"What?! Surely chicken is just chicken?" Asks the secularist.

And there it is. Those six words could not convey more the reality of our disintegration into apostasy and barbarism. The apathy about certain ethnic foods in the West is not just a symptom of multiculturalism. It is the prime token of a complete lack of conviction and belief in God. Most people who have anything at all to say about halal object to labelling and such things on "animal rights" grounds; the same people who lobby against foie gras for example; and the propriety of eating the flesh of an animal that has been sacrificed to a Middle Eastern tribal deity soundly rejected in the West does not enter their imaginations. And when the point is pressed they don't care. But I do; I do care! The trouble is, my convictions are treated as frivolous and prejudiced. But that's not surprising. When eating is reduced to a bare necessity to keep functioning in a pathetic, meaningless life in which our actions have no consequence beyond their immediate effect (the secularist position), what does it matter what we put in our bodies? Does St Paul's admonition about fellowship with devils have any significance beyond the apocalyptic days of early Christianity? It's marvellous that everybody hates the Muslim world nowadays but nobody seems to care about eating Muslim food. Am I just a lonely voice in the wilderness? Does anybody else feel as I do? Comment below!


  1. I don't know how your government handles animal slaughter, but if it is anything like ours, you might be better off eating halal meat.
    Now, occasionally, stupid interpretations lead to bad things- I vaguely remember something about the Israelis causing themselves higher incidences of some illness or another because their interpretation of kosher led to some ridiculously high omega-6 content in some products. They wouldn't have been able to put industrial vegetable oil into these products back when the kosher rules were made because industrial machines hadn't been invented yet.
    But mostly it is the corporate/government collaboration that keeps downgrading our food supply- I suspect their god is Mammon.

  2. In Spain, there was a cow illnes some fifteen years ago; the government used it as pretext to forbid the sacrifice of cows in rural houses outside the control of estatal institutions; it is quite probable that some years in the future also the pig will suffer the same ban under islamic pressure. You point to the right problem: our governments and societies in general (Spanish society is as corrupt, or even more, as the English one) despise every folk and/or Christian tradition which does not help them to gain money. And their perverse ideologies led them to vanish every obstacle to the loss of our cultural identity even in these details.

    I will never force a Mahometan to eat pig meat, but even less allow him to make me share any part of his diet. I agree with you thoroughly.