Friday, 15 April 2016

Disney meets the Black Shirts...

I'd never seen this before. It's the Other Hitchens' programme Diana - The Mourning After, about that terrible week in British history in which tawdry, mob-/media-simulated grief shook the nation and a song about a rose-candle, rain-sodden and blown in the wind whilst striding over the hills became a one-hit-wonder. As Mr Hitchens rightly says: "the dignity that was lost that week can never be regained." This programme is well worth watching, particularly the analysis of Mr Spencer's risible eulogy in Westminster Abbey.

Where was I when I heard the ghastly news? I think I'd come home from school and I was annoyed to find that CITV weren't broadcasting the cartoons I was used to watching, and I was instead subjected to the endless teddy bears, and a sea of cut flowers in honour of a woman I didn't much care for in life. And do you know, now that I think about it, probably the main reason I dislike William and Henry is their mother. Isn't that terrible?

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  1. You shouldn't dislike the Duke of Cambridge. When he got married, he stuck his mother's close mate in the back of the church where he belonged and not as the headline entertainer as he was at her funeral.

    I am talking about the disgusting Elton John, of course. The young prince seems to recognise that he is part of the State and not some tawdry celebrity.