Sunday, 7 December 2014


I dismantled my Sitemeter when it went awry and I got no response from the moderators or whomever deals with their complaints. This means that I am happily oblivious to my site traffic. Blogger itself, however, offers some tracking. I was amused to discover that there have been people searching for Liturgiae Causa using the words "gay Liturgiae Causa[e]," and "hate Liturgiae Causa." Someone wrote to me recently saying that (my having given a good word to another blog) a correspondant had said: "that is high praise indeed because Patricius doesn't like anyone." That is not strictly true. I am just very intolerant and I have no qualms about publicly humiliating people (myself included); John Zuhlsdorf is a charlatan, for example, or pope-"emeritus" Benedict XVI is an old queen. I do so, you may be surprised to learn, for the good of humanity. You might say I am one of life's moaners or a spoil-sport but it's my crusade to make people understand. I do not think it is in anybody's interest to buy china mugs with Say the Black, Do the Red printed on them. Why? Not only because that is distasteful beyond belief but because the proceeds go to a man who is an unabashed leach and a carbuncle on the arse of the Roman church. Ratzinger is less utterly hateful, but only comparatively and his one saving grace is that he is not American.Nevertheless, his liturgical works exemplify an underlying ignorance which is hard for me to ignore.

Maybe I've got it completely wrong? Maybe I should start cashing in on my notoriety. I too have an Amazon wishlist (with about thirty or so books listed). Perhaps I should put up a donations tab in the sidebar linked to my bank account and offer to pray for people in exchange for money. It sounds like an honest and Christ-like life, doesn't it!


  1. You see, we Americans enjoy putting slogans on mugs. Yes, "save the liturgy, save the world" sounds a whole like the slogan from the sci-fi show Heroes (i.e. "Save the cheerleader, save the world"), but who am I to judge? And sure, the quip that concelebration should be "safe, legal, and rare" is a slap in the face to good propriety, but again... Finally, what of Fr Zed (as you English types say), that he is a carbuncle. Isn't that clericalism? He's a longsuffering patristics scholar and lover of the 1962 missal that likes to cook and get free stuff, who simply happens to be a priest.

    In sum, Patricius, you should do two things: post your favorite recipes and put up a link to your Amazon wish list!

  2. You should see the "juicy" stuff I got on my blog and the old one "The English Catholic" from various conservative traditionalist trolls and all sorts of fangs going munch in the night! Much more was moderated and never reached the outside world. That's what we get as bloggers. We have freedom of speech, as long as we don't commit libel. Keep up the good work and don't let anyone get you down.

  3. I am strongly of the opinion that my blog is known to many famous people. Few link to me here, of course, since to do so would be too honest and liberal.