Monday, 2 March 2015

Holy Week...

On Sunday I went to the Greeks at Moscow Road for Mattins and Liturgy. Very informal, very ethnic, not much "ceremony" for a Cathedral church. But I'll be going there on Good Friday. To-morrow I'm going to Ennismore Gardens for Mattins of St Leo the Great and I may go on Sunday too but I'll probably go to Chiswick instead. I'd like to see old Palm Sunday in the Roman Rite again but where can I go to see it and not be conned by omissions, half a Passion narrative and lots of kiddies in cottas? I may end up having to say it myself on a side table with some lavender from the garden. You see, Holy Week in the Roman Rite is one of those things where if you want it done properly you have to do it yourself. Rely on anybody else and the services are cut short, at the wrong times and done so badly that you really ought to have stayed in bed.

Regarding the photograph, it's nice to know that the figure so worshipped in Traddieland knows how to do Palm Sunday; the "priest" kicking the door comment notwithstanding. Rome, the liturgical sun of this world indeed!


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    1. I had a chest infection over Holy Week 2008 so I stayed at home and said the Mass of the Afore-Hallowed Gifts and Easter Even (including blessing of the font) to myself.

  2. Is that the one in Bayswater? We tried to get in for Vespers once at the advertised time as it was near our hotel on my school leaving trip; it was bolted shut!

    1. Yes, it's in Bayswater. There are lots of Greek cafes and delicatessens in the area. Sorry you missed vespers.

  3. I would love to go to Ennismore Gardens, if only because it was the late Metropolitan Anthony's parish.

    I was thinking of going to the local Orthodox church, but ended up at "family mass" in a RC church - thankfully no guitars were used.