Monday, 23 March 2015

Two women...

Sitting on the bus this afternoon I saw two women. One was a young Somali covered head to foot in a black burqa, with her face visible. She was carrying ASDA shopping bags. The other was a fat white woman in a pink tracksuit, probably about my age. She had peroxide hair with noticeable dark roots in a pony tail, sallow skin, dark bags under her eyes, and spoke with a harsh, thick "London" accent (cockney is almost extinct). She had two children; one, about six years old eating a bag of crisps, and the other in a pushchair. This one is probably on benefits.

Which is worse? The Somali woman dressed in a culturally objectionable way and who shouldn't be in this country or the native low life? Unfortunately, most people who object to the sight of the Somali are of the white trash calibre, like our beloved pink tracksuit woman, and the left-wing, intellectual elite can simply say that their objections are based on ignorance, lack of education, bigotry, racism and a plethora of other phobias which are the enemies of modern civilisation.

I say that modern civilisation is anything but civilised and that this country, just like everywhere else, is finished.


  1. The scene you describe could have been on any public transportation in the US, the "great unwashed" are now in control and there's very little we can do about it, unless we consider a revolution as a viable option.

    1. For years I've wanted to move to the very edge of somewhere, like Cornwall or Donegal. Mind you, the last time I visited Cornwall I saw some Muslim women (that was 2004). Inishowen is the place for me, when all is dark.

      I have often privately entertained the notion of revolution. White trash would be fodder, I would be the power behind the "throne," and certain types of people would have their knee caps broken, etc. But it wouldn't be very Christian and I would strenuously oppose it. No legitimate government ever came about by rebellion.

    2. Having said that, I, like Byron and his contemporaries, would have supported the Greeks during their righteous war against the Ottoman scum.

  2. You may find this blog interesting.